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Welcome GardenZ cider from Kvass Beverages in new packaging – a metal jar!

Please welcome new form, but old traditions of GardenZ from Kvass Beverages in a metal jar! Choose your favorite flavor and enjoy natural cider! The product will be available soon in shops and supermarkets of your city!

GardenZ cider is produced at the Kvass Beverages plant in 0.5 l metal can, as well as in PET packaging and kegs for bottling. There are 5 varieties in the line of GardenZ cider: cider with cherry, grapefruit, strawberry and grape, black currant, apple.

Natural GardenZ cider is produced according to a special Scottish technology with the fresh juice of cider apples. Thanks to fresher and sourer taste of these apples, any extra ingredients such as lemon acid are not added to the drink and it is produced in traditional way. Also, wine yeast, used for GardenZ cider, provides refined fermentation flavor. Alcohol content in cider is 5%.