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Quality and food safety

The company production technology laboratory controls the production at the all production stages from raw materials and material incoming inspection to finished production.

Two microbial physicochemical laboratory departments are equipped by modern analytical equipment which enables to hold analysis of any complexity in shortest time and to complete the multibarrier production control.

All production processes at «Kvass Beverages» LLC are certified by international quality standards of the food safety:

  • ISO 9001
  • FSSC 22000 (HACCP 22000, ISO TS 22002)

The quality policy of «Kvass Beverages» LLC

Kvass Beverages LLC is an enterprise that combines ancient traditions and modern scientific development in the manufacturing of high quality live fermentation beverages, concentrates and extracts based on grain crops, non-alcohol carbonated drinks.

Kvass Beverages in 2025 is the Highly Effective All-season Enterprise.

Meeting consumers` needs is by means of high-quality concentrates and beverages manufacturing from natural raw materials of Ukrainian fields and gardens

RESPONSIBILITY: I bear relation to everything that happens and take responsibility for the result
QUALITY: The highest quality in everything we do
INNOVATION: We embody new things, but also develop traditions
CLIENT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT: We demonstrate flexibility in cooperation with internal and external clients (customers and colleagues)
TEAM SPIRIT: We are the team of like-minded people who work honestly, openly and fairly.

Senior management of Kvass Beverages LLC, based on the Vision, Mission and Values of the Company, undertakes the following responsibilities:
• Ensure high quality of products and processes;
• Ensure food safety of products;
• Support mutually beneficial long term relations with suppliers and customers;
• Prevent environmental pollution;
• Manage employment protection and industrial safety risks for staff, contractors, customers, clients and third parties.

For implementation of the responsibilities the Senior Management:
• Assess enterprise context for the choice of optimal strategic direction in the development;
• Ensure implementation of statutory, legislative and mutually agreed requirements of parties concerned;
• Promote self-development – the main investment in the future and guarantee of Policy implementation. People are not liabilities, but the main assets of our company;
• Ensure elaboration, implementation, and development of management System at the Enterprise with its further correspondence of international standards and its constant enhancement. The sphere of management system spreads on the manufacturing process of non-alcohol beverages, live fermentation beverages (kvass, cider), concentrates and extracts (kvass wort concentrate, malt and cereal extract).
• Provide periodic report and maintains an open dialogue with all parties concerned.

In the sphere of quality and safety product management We:
Provide high quality products, based on the correspondence of all production processes with established requirements of international standards and clients demands;
Provide stability and increase productivity and efficiency of manufacturing processes aiming to reduce the costs;
Cooperate with customers and internal clients to define and comply with their requirements, as well as use their feedback to improve quality of product.
Provide system approach to the control of production processes, aimed at prevention of risks, which are connected with quality and safety of manufactured products;
Guarantee safety of products, industrial sanitation and production culture from the moment of getting raw materials, production and sale to the consumer;
Provide effective exchange of information between all stakeholders in the field of safety of manufactured products.

In the sphere of environmental protection We:
Minimize our impact on the environment due to effective management in the energy use;
Fulfill management in the field of solid waste, increasing the percentage of waste transfer for recycling;
Implement measures to prevent potential environmental pollution with hazardous substances, including organization of their proper storage and handling;
Control the quality of industrial wastewater to comply with the requirements;
Monitor the timely maintains of company fleet;
Operate the company vehicles that provide safety and protection of environment, as well as safety of employees and public.

In the sphere of health care and employment protection We:
Take measures to provide health care and employment protection, reduce negative impact of hazardous and harmful production factors on the staff, contractors, customers, clients and the third parties who are present at the enterprise territory;
We use safe techniques and methods of work on maintenance and operation of technological and non-technological equipment, working with chemical substances, using individual and collective protection;
Use safe equipment;
Provide training and testing of knowledge in the sphere of health care and employment safety.
We are committed to improve System of Management continuously, adjust and perfect Policy according to the context and growth of customer demands.
Policy is available to all employees of the enterprise and stakeholders.