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Yarylo Spravzhniy

“Yarylo Spravzhniy”

Kvass “Yarylo Spravzhniy” – is a live brewing grain kvass! Perfectly refreshes in the hot weather and givs delight in winter. Non-alcoholic beverage kvass of life fermentation Yarylo Spravzhniy. Pasteurized.


Aroma: fresh rye bread
Taste: sour-sweet, bread
Shelf life: 180 days in KEG, 270 days – in PET
Volume: 0.5 l, 1.0 l, 1.5 l, 2.0 l and 50 l KEG


Ingredients: water, white sugar, kvass wort concentrate (rye, dry rye fermented malt, barley brewing malt), carbon dioxide, acidity regulators (lactic acid, acetic acid), dry baker`s yeast.


Typical values per 100 g


32.7 kcal/ 138.6 kJ


0,1 g


7,2 g