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Kvass Beverages plant started manufacturing disinfectants

Kvass Beverages plant in Zaporizhzhya adapted its production capacity and started manufacturing disinfectants.  These disinfectants of fundamentally new type are obtained with the method of electrochemical activation technology, which provides them with the unique biocide action.

The company will hand over the first batch of disinfectants to medical institutions in Zaporizhzhya.

«We took into consideration the situation with supplying and manufacturing of disinfectants in Ukraine and decided to reconstruct the part of equipment as soon as possible for disinfectants manufacturing to support national efforts to prevent spread of Covid-19» – said Valeriy Horban, the owner of Ascania Companies group.

The company, which is one of the leading manufacturers of kvass, cider and other non-alcohol beverages in Ukraine, has strict internal food safety standards and the plant is equipped with high-tech patented facilities those give opportunity to implement regular disinfection of manufacturing. It took two weeks for the company to produce and dispense professional disinfectants.

«We regularly use these products in our company that is why we know about their effectiveness in practice. At the same time, our disinfectants can be used not only in food industry but also for premises, surfaces and hands disinfecting that is extremely important today» – added Valeriy Horban.

Kvass Beverages Company makes every effort to establish uninterrupted and round the clock manufacture of disinfectant concentrate in the difficult epidemiological situation in Ukraine.