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Kvass Beverages Company has been awarded for high quality kvass and cider

Three drinks from Kvass Beverages Company have received gold awards for high quality!  Yarylko children`s kvass, Yarylo Bilyi Imbyrnyi and GardenZ Iablychnyi cider were awarded at the XXII International Beer, Non-Alcoholic and Low Alcoholic Beverage Competition. The event was organized by the state Ukrpyvo Company.
Yarylko children`s kvass is completely natural drink without artificial flavors and colors. The drink does not contain artificial CO2, sugar substitutes and its shelf life is shortened (120 days). Yarylko kvass was approved by O.M. Marzieiev Institute for Public Health.
Yarylo Bilyi Imbyrnyi kvass is refreshing summer drink with pleasant cooling aftertaste of ginger. It quenches thirst perfectly, and ginger extract helps to boost the immune system, renews, energizes and recharges. The drink has unusual extraordinary flavor.
Natural GardenZ cider is produced according to special Scottish technology with the fresh juice of cider apples. They have fresher and sourer taste and do not need extraneous ingredients, for example citric acid. Thanks to this, the drink is produced in traditional way. Also, wine yeast is used for GardenZ cider, which adds noble fermentation flavor to this drink.