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Internally displaced children and children of ATO participants were given a tour to «Kvass Bererages»

In Zaporizhia, internally displaced children and children of the ATO participants were given a tour to the plant «Kvass Beverages».  Children were told the history of cooking kvass, demonstrated the ancient equipment in the «Old Workshop» museum, and showed all stages of the kvass production: from preparation of the kvass wort to filling of the finished kvass. 45 children from the regional organization of the Red Cross Society, the regional support center of the ATO participants and otherwise went on this tour.

«It is very important to remember the children, who became witnesses of the war. The war, in which their relatives and parents took part. After all, they are the future of Ukraine. At this anxious and challenging time, we all have to keep together and help each other. Only in this way shall we become even stronger», – said Oleksandr Zakharchenko, General Director of the plant «Kvass Beverages».

Reference: «Kvass Beverages» is the unique enterprise with a fully-integrated production for manufacturing kvass in Ukraine. The enterprise manufactures and sales kvass «Yarylo», soft drinks, kvass wort concentrate from the natural grains for fermentation products, etc.