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About company

The company «Kvass Beverages» is a leading manufacturer of non-alcoholic drinks in Ukraine! 


The company «Kvass Beverages» today:

  • is the largest manufacturer of raw grain kvass with the full production cycle;
  • produces «Yarylo» kvass which holds leading positions at Ukrainian kvass market;
  • produces the high-quality kvass wort concentrate (KWC) which is used in food industry;
  • widely uses the latest resource and energy saving technologies, has the energy saving program;
  • is being a socially responsible business, regularly provides charity support and arranges workplaces for disabled, involves the socially disadvantaged individuals in the performance of work.

Kvass «Yarylo Spravzhniy» won the recognition among the qualified tasters at the International Competitions of the beer, non-alcoholic beverages, low-alcohol beverages, mineral and drinking water, brewers malt and annual All-Ukrainian Kvass Festival where it was awarded by different awards and certificates. Kvass «Yarylo Spravzhniy» in 2013 and kvasses «Yarylo Myatnyi», «Yarylo Medovyi» in 2016 have got GRAND-PRIX for the highest quality of the fermented-bread.