Now you can view the process of kvass production from the label!  It has become possible thanks to technologies of augmented reality.  More

The excursion for 30 adopted children and kids from orphanages was held at the Kvass Beverages plant.  More

All product range of Yarylo kvass was represented at Pokrovsky fair and the plant organized interesting competitions for those who prefer Yarylo kvass over any other drinks. More

The plant «Kvass Beverages» participated in the XX International competition of beer, soft drinks, low-alcohol beverages, mineral and drinking waters, brewer’s malt, where the fermented-bread kvass of own production «Yarylo Bilyi Domashniy» was awarded a silver medal for top quality of the drink.  More

In Zaporizhia, internally displaced children and children of the ATO participants were given a tour to the plant «Kvass Beverages».  More

On June 15, 2017, a new promotional video of TM «Yarylo» ran on TV. It’s about a new refreshing product in «Yarylo» range – kvass «Yarylo Bilyi Domashnii». More

«Staryi Cekh» is the name of the kvass shop, which was opened at the factory «Kvass Beverages». More

Cider «Gardenz» is presented in 5 tastes: apple, black currant, strawberry, melon-carom and grapefruit-carom. More

Zaporozhe kvass masters created a new flavor «Yarylo Bilyi Domashniy».  More

10 thousand liters of the «Yarylo» kvass was transferred to military units of Zaporizhia region by the «Kvass Beverages» Company.  More